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Navigator International Honored with V3-Certified Employer Certification by the State of Virginia

Navigator International is proud to announce that the state of Virginia has awarded it the prestigious V3-Certified Employer Certification. The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program, an initiative focused on helping employers recruit, hire, train, and retain military Veterans, recognizes Navigator International’s commitment to supporting Veterans and their successful transition into the civilian workforce.

The V3 Program, established in 2012, aims to connect Virginia employers with qualified Veteran candidates, promote the valuable skills Veterans bring to the workforce, and foster a culture of Veteran support and appreciation in the business community. By achieving the V3-Certified Employer Certification, Navigator International has demonstrated its dedication to creating a Veteran-friendly workplace environment and upholding the program’s core values.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin personally signed the V3-Certified Employer Certification, emphasizing the significance of Navigator International’s achievement. This recognition highlights Navigator International’s role as a model employer in the state of Virginia.

In a letter to Navigator International, Daniel M. Gade wrote, “We are proud of your public commitment to the Commonwealth, and are confident that your V3-Certification will cause Veterans to look to you as a great place to work.

The leadership of Navigator has consistently communicated that certifications such as this are a part of the company’s culture. “As an organization, we deeply value the contributions and sacrifices made by our Veterans. We are honored to receive the V3-Certified Employer Certification, which reflects our unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering Veterans within our workforce,” said Al Patterson, President of Navigator International. “We believe Veterans possess unique skills, leadership qualities, and a strong work ethic that greatly benefit our company and the communities we serve. We owe it to them that we make sure they have employment in their home communities, places they fought for!”

The V3-Certified Employer Certification underscores Navigator International’s ongoing efforts to promote Veteran employment and advancement opportunities. The company actively seeks to recruit and hire qualified Veterans, providing them with tailored training programs, mentorship, and career development opportunities. Navigator International also fosters a supportive and inclusive workplace environment that recognizes and appreciates Veterans’ unique experiences and perspectives.