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Navigator International, a leading construction contractor renowned for its exceptional services, collaborated with its partner ADS, a prominent supplier to government agencies, to be one of many contractors at the event. The event provided an excellent platform for Navigator International to connect with potential clients and explore various business opportunities in the defense and government sectors. Sertac Demirezen, VP of Global Construction and Cem Yilmaz, Director of Field Operations were in attendance, pictured below.

At the event, ADS’s guests gathered together to present their capabilities alongside ADS to the distinguished clientele from the US Armed Forces and DLA. The booths were met with enthusiastic visitors, as many clients showed keen interest in the diverse range of services offered.

Cem Yilmaz, Director of Field Operations (Left);  Sertac Demirezen, VP of Global Construction (Right)

A notable highlight of the event was the opportunity for attendees to meet with top executives from ADS, which included engaging discussions on numerous potential collaborations and projects. Topics covered during the productive meetings included construction, operations and maintenance (O&M), procurement, and manpower supply, encompassing various projects in multiple countries.

During the interaction, Navigator International expressed their pleasure in meeting the ADS executives who are actively based in Stuttgart. Considering ADS’s ongoing projects in Stuttgart, Navigator International is excited about the prospect of aligning its expertise to complement and contribute to the success of these endeavors.

This joint effort between Navigator International and ADS reflects a mutual commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in the defense and government sectors. By combining their respective strengths, both companies are poised to create impactful solutions for clients and tackle complex challenges in the dynamic global landscape.